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First Aid Courses Offered By MiSchool Nurse in Byron, MI

MiSchool Nurse provides an American Heart Association course in Byron, MI along with health-related training to school nurses statewide. We travel nationwide to provide MERT training. You can arrange for convenient on-site training, and we adapt ourselves to your site. Our courses can be as short as a few hours or as long as a full day.

Electronic Access

Participants will be provided valuable resources throughout the training via our resource portal. It provides easy electronic access to all resources provided on the day of training. The resource portal keeps everything in one place for ease of use.  Participants will be given instructions to access the resource portal once their training is complete. Participants are sent a link and a passcode to access all the materials in the resource portal. 

About Evilia Jankowski

Evilia Jankowski is the President and CEO of MiSchool Nurse. She is also our trainer, and she has more than 27 years of experience as a school nurse. Evilia enjoys providing health training for school staff, she loves to teach first aid courses, and she has provided trainings nationwide.

Evilia knows that kids need to be safe in school to be ready to learn, and she is passionate about healthy, happy learners. She currently works at a school district in Michigan and provides support for the entire state. She is also the past president of the Michigan Association of School Nurses.